Friday, October 19th 2007

Disabling and changing the colours of the Google Toolbar AutoFill functionality
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I’m finding more and more users today have the Google Toolbar installed either automatically, or sub-consciously on their machine, which has an interesting feature in it called AutoFill.

AutoFill basically allows you to store a profile of yourself on your machine, and to use this to dynamically populate the fields on web pages you visit – a great concept and actually very handy.

One of the quirks of AutoFill is that it dynamically changes the background colour of form fields it intends on changing to a bright ‘Yellow’ colour to highlight to the user that it is able to help.

This is obviously real trouble if you have non-white background sites like lots of our clients, or beautiful sites that you don’t want highlight penned.

Luckily there is an answer out there in the form of dynamically chanigng the colour of fields changed, either to an alternative colour, or to blank to remove the colour.

I try not to keep code here but have a read of where you can see a number of different ways to achieve this and make your own code to help – there’s our version of this here

An excellent way to use this feature to work more in your favour as designers…