Friday, March 6th 2009

Changing the default SSL certificate in Plesk
posted @ 6:16 am in [ Fixing Things -Media Temple -Technology -Web Design ]

Plesk as provided by Media Temple on all it’s servers is great, however I do ocassionaly get the ‘where the heck is button to do that’ feeling with it and as much as I try the very feature I’m looking for is there, just hidden away.

One that has thwarted me a number of times is how to change the default SSL certificate for a domain when you install a new SSL certificate. You would have thought Domains -> Certificates, or Server -> Certificates -> Make Default would do the trick, but nope neither works.

However… if you click on Server -> IP Addresses ->  <Your IP Address> -> you get the ability to select which SSL ceriticate you want for the server et voila job done.

No if only that was easier to find (hence why the Abridged Learnings lives :-))