Thursday, April 23rd 2009

Launch of Mitchell and Peach, natural bath products
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If you’re buying gifts for nans, mums, aunties, daughters, nieces, sisters, girlfriends or girl friends it’s kind of tough to find something original, ethical and beautiful with a nice transparent background.

Well, some good friends of ours have been growing lavender on a farm in Kent for the past god knows how long, and in deciding what best to do with it have made these incredible all natural bath products in soap, shower wash, body cream and bath oil.

They’re really beautifully packaged, lovely smelling and are all round pretty luxurious products so if there’s someone you think might deserve it… it’s a nice way to treat them (and it’s quite a nice story too).

Oh and if you enter the code MPC1 in the checkout area you get a cheeky £10 off. Nice!

And of course the beautiful e-commerce website is built by Skywire 🙂

Tuesday, April 7th 2009

Uncurling PHP Curl’s character encoding problem
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curl*, and specifically the PHP ‘glue’ that includes curl within the PHP function list, seems to have a strange party quirk where it automatically converts the results from the curl queries into UTF-8 encoding, which means you end up with extended character symbols such as £ signs being converted into weird looking versions like £, and back quotes converted into even weirder symbols such as ‘Caviar’

My first step was to use the PHP utf-8 decode function to get around this, utf8_decode(), however this copes with the £ symbols, but falls over with back quotes and similar ending up with ?Caviar?

So.. after a bit of reading around it turns out that the iconv function can convert between charactersets effortlessly, so the following to convert from UTF-8 and Windows-1252 works perfectly.

$text = iconv(“UTF-8″,”Windows-1252”,$text);

Job done 🙂

*(curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax –