Wednesday, June 15th 2011

7 Magento projects to watch on GitHub
posted @ 10:28 am in [ Magento -Technology -Web Design ]

Inspired by the great presentations at the Magento Developers Paradise 2011 I’ve been following some of the code created there on GitHub and some of the presenters own projects and here’s 7 great Magento projects you should be following on GitHub:

Magento GitHub Sites

1. 2Boys1Shop / Twoboysoneshop_Configr

Multi-shop configurator shown at MDP 2011

2. alistairstead / MageTool

Tool to quickly create now Mage extension frameworks

3. dankocherga / MTool

Auto creates files for new Magento module

4. jirafe / magento-plugin

Magento plugin for Jirafe stats

5. firegento / firegento-dynamiccategory

Dynamic category

6. More Vanish options

7. Firegento

FireGento extension with core functionality for debugging Magento

Wednesday, June 15th 2011

Fixing TimThumb for PHP 5.3
posted @ 8:01 am in [ Fixing Things -PHP -WordPress ]

The latest version of PHP 5.3 deprecates the ‘ereg’ function, which generates errors that break programs such as TimThumb, the automatic image thumbnail generator.

To fix this, replace the existing ‘ereg’ expressions with alternative functions as per below:


if (ereg(‘http://’, $src) == true) {


if (strpos (strtolower ($src), ‘http://’) !== false || strpos (strtolower ($src), ‘https://’) !== false) {


if (ereg($site, $url_info[‘host’]) == true) {


if (strpos (strtolower ($url_info[‘host’]), $site) !== false) {

and you are all good to go :->