Thursday, August 11th 2011

Fixing Login problems with EPiServer due to too many incorrect password attempts
posted @ 9:41 am in [ Fixing Things -Technology -Web Design ]

EPiServer let’s you quite happily wrongly login, but then after the default amount of incorrect attempts puts you account into a locked status.

Sensible enough one would think, except that the error message on login, correct or now incorrect, never tells you this and instead just uses the same incorrect username and/or password message as before.

To correct this you need to reset your account status in the EPiServer database, and for reference it’s in the Authentication database in the aspnet_Membership table and stored in the column IsLockedOut.

To fix, simple reset the status of that field to 0 using a similar SQL query to the one below

UPDATE [Authentication].[dbo].[aspnet_Membership] SET [IsLockedOut] = 0 WHERE [LoweredEmail] = ‘[email protected]’;