Monday, March 2nd 2009

Installing High Definition Audio Drivers on an Acer Aspire One
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I’ve bitten the bullet with my Acer Aspire One and upgraded it to Windows XP Service Pack 3 from it’s original Linux based installation just to allow me to use it more easily when I’m travelling.

The good news is that if you chose to do this, most things work perfectly with a vanilla install of XP, and the drivers from the Acer site here , that is all except the High Definition Audio Driver which sturbonly refuses to work even with the Realtek drivers from the Acer site.

After reading around, this is because you also need to install the Intel/Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio in order to enable these, which can be downloaded from the Intel site here by searching for in the drivers.

Now here’s the real kicker with this – the Intel UAA drivers only come with installations that work on Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2 _not_ Service Pack 3 as when you run any of the other installations it tells you that these drivers cannot be installed on your service pack.

So…. you have to cheat a little. Run the installer from the US folder called ‘KB888111XPSP2.EXE’ and when the installer displays the alert box to tell you that the driver is in-compatible, open a new explorer window and you will see that the installer has created a temporary folder on your C Drive called  c:\24e6bea25c91f82885b372e21 or similar.

Copy the whole contents of this folder off to another folder of your own (I used c:\drivers\intel\unpacked) and then go and find your broken PCI device in your Control Panel -> System -> Properties display and update the driver by telling it that you Have a Disk (Google how to install drivers from a disc if you get stuck at this point) and tell it that the drivers it needs are in <the directory you copied the files to>\commonfiles

Your Aspire One should now whizz away for a while and find a new driver called Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio, and once installed will leave you with another uninstalled device called ‘Audio Device on High Defition Audio Bus’.

Now install the Realtex drivers from Acer for your sound card and after a significant wait the above yellow icon disappears and you get a nice ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’ speaker and driver installed.

All done!