Monday, June 1st 2009

Decrypting and images in Konami Metal Gear Solid website countdown teaser
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We reverse engineered the Flash files on the new Konami Metal Gear Solid website countdown teaser, and found there are two images in the upcoming day countdowns showing both the main character (Solid?) and Raiden from Metal Gear 4.

Also, there are more letters revealed if you go through each of the separate hidden countdown timers as below (letters are shown in order of display within the Flash file) = S = S E 3 e = S E 3 e P R image! = S E 3 e P C image! 6 R O image2! = 8

Here’s the link to screen grabs of the images in my browser!

Metal Gear Solid Teaser Image 1
Metal Gear Solid Teaser Image 2

BTW my deciphering algorithm program turns the teaser text into the following

Deciphering Key:

Clear alphabet: [ E T FH OI ]

Deciphered Ciphergram and Attribution:

IT 3 THE 6 OF —

The 6th of??? ­čÖé

Sunday, September 14th 2008

Snaz – mobile shopping
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I was tidying up an old hard-drive I had today, and came across this article from New Media Age where we talked to them about Snaz, our mobile shopping solution from the days of early .com

 Interestingly the idea is still good, however now that the browsers on phones are so good that they can run Javascript and interpret style sheets, the need for rendering on the fly is a little defunct.

Still it’s funny how the world goes 360 and we are now at Skywire producing iPhone and Blackberry friendly versions of our clients’ websites, which have their own detection code, as the iPhone can’t run Flash at the moment and the Blackberry’s rendering engine is terrible!

Snaz : New Media Age

Wednesday, February 6th 2008

Flipping images in Flash for mirror reflection effects
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How do you flip an image to make a mirror image in Action Script?

Actually very simply if you think about it.

mymovie._yscale = -100;
mymovie._y += mymovie._height;

So you scale the image by -100% (upside down) and then move it down by it’s own height to fix the fact you’ve just scaled it upside down , garnish with a nice alpha gradient et voila!